Practice Management

Free yourself to focus on patients.

How much more time could you spend caring for your patients if you weren't constantly worried about lowering operating costs and trying to file proper claims? The truth is very few practices run as efficiently as they could, and that is a disadvantage to both you and your patients. Fortunately, MDX offers an easy to implement Practice Management System that can streamline your entire office and allow you to use your time more productively.

Our Practice Management System is designed to work with V Chart, ensuring that patient information is available to multiple sites simultaneously. From front office registration and scheduling to back office claims, billing, and remittance, everyone has accurate information, and there is never a need to pull a paper chart.

Stay on schedule.

It is inevitable that you get thrown off schedule from time to time, but if patients are waiting more than a few minutes on a regular basis, you have problems. The Practice Management System will help you get control of your scheduling issues with its time tracking features. You will be able to track patients from arrival to discharge and learn to schedule accordingly.

Keep the cash flowing

  • Clinical code and E/M code generators
  • Electronic claims transmission
  • Designed to interface with your existing accounting software and set up to receive electronic remittance

There's no expensive computer network to set up, just an affordable monthly fee. You will be amazed at how quickly you see the return on your investment in saved time, saved money, and increased remittance.