Between chart pulls and paper supplies, you can lose thousands of dollars each year. This amount grows considerably when you factor in dictation costs and HIPAA compliance. The logical solution would be to develop an electronic system for keeping medical records. However, this solution requires major expenditures for hardware and technical support, along with the costly systems needed to prevent unauthorized access to patient data. For these reasons, MDX offers V Chart, an affordable electronic medical record charting solution.

V Chart utilizes a wireless PC tablet to easily document and manage all aspects of each patient visit. It is designed to work and be carried around just like a regular chart. You will use your own words and it will automatically learn from you, creating custom charts based on what you normally do.

Benefits of V Chart

  • Instant access to patient information
  • Automatic, accurate coding
  • Faster than writing or dictating
  • Designed to learn from you
  • Secure, retrievable patient data
  • Synchronized patient information to improve workflow
  • HIPAA compliant

With our hosted V Chart solution, all your patients' data will be backed up in a data facility with redundant reliability. You will have virtually total data security that far exceeds HIPAA guidelines. Our database, along with database hardware and software, is also continually maintained and upgraded by an experienced team of technology experts.

One monthly fee covers software, initial training, system management, upgrades, data and network management, data backups, and support.