The MDX/MAX II System provides a complete Medical Interactive Management System for electronic and hard-copy claims submission, resulting in very few denials, reduced days in A/R, minimized FTE involvement, excellent technical support, and exceptional reporting capabilities

System Overview

MDX/MAX II System Application

The client's hospital business office workstations are electronically connected to the MDX central system. Client's claims data is then downloaded and fully edited, utilizing the MDX/MAX II Global Claims Editor program. As a result of our Global Claims Editing, bill staffs are only required to review or correct claims with errors. Claims needing additional work are automatically retrieved by alpha for each individual biller. With each claim corrected, the biller is automatically presented with the next claim to edit.

The Global Claims Editor reduces biller intervention

Combined with the Procedure Code Mapping feature of the system, the client may reasonably expect a reduction in biller intervention by as much as 75% of the total claims billed, as shown by many of our clients for Medi-Cal claims processing.

Procedure Code Mapping

The MAX II system not only includes Medi-Cal edits, but also provides a customized procedure mapping system that automatically matches a hospital procedure code to the correct Medi-Cal code. With parameters defined by hospital management and the MDX Customer Service staff, the programs identify and correct hospital claims' idiosyncrasies. Non-eligible Medi-Cal services can also be identified, removed, and documented to a write off-report.